"New shows exceptional range as a singer and a songwriter. His original songs and arrangement could be as successful as any theater or movie soundtrack." --- Julie Attaway (Staff writer) The Desert Sun


     "Larry New leaves no doubt of his ability to put over a number in a professional style worthy of Las Vegas." --- Polly Warfield The Los Angeles Dramalogue


     "As Juan Peron, Larry New takes Andrw Lolyd Webber's music to a new level." --- Bruce Fessier  (Entertainment editor) The Desert Sun


     "Larry New is the voice to be heard at the Palm Springs Fabulous Follies." --- Collette Wood  (Independent music critic) The Desert Sun


     "A voice as smooth as burgundy wine." --- The Desert Sun


     "Palm Springs Follies star Larry New, expert at clothing songs of love in velvet, sang to the ladies, leaving them swooning with joy down to their tostadas." --- Diane Marlin-Dirkx  (Society critic) The Desert Sun


     "Larry New, called 'the desert's Robert Goulet..." --- The Desert Sun


     "New kept the oldies fresh by singing around the beat and building excitement with his dramatic climbs up the scale." --- Bruce Fessier  (Entertainment editor) The Desert Sun


     "Larry New can stand on his own as his own man." ---  Las Vegas Review Journal